AERO workshops

Airytails workshops are where children can find their interest in learning Aerospace. The workshops are tailor-made to suit the age of our students between 4-15, both ages included. We have workshops suitable for nursery students, school students, and for students along with family and friends.

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AERO curriculum

Our students learn under our guidance to design and build aircraft independently through the Aero Curriculum. We ensure that our curriculum always has hands-on learning as high as 70%. This makes learning interesting for children. We teach our students basic and advanced aerospace concepts through interactive theory sessions and aeromodelling


Take Off India – Enabling Rural India to Fly

Around 146 million out of 196 million elementary school students are enrolled in rural schools in India where opportunities to pursue Aerospace are limited. We partner with non-profit organizations that work to empower rural children and deliver our Aero Curriculum. We train the rural school teachers who deliver the curriculum to their students over a set period of time.

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AERO confer

AERO Confer is our pioneer service exposing our students to industry experts. Students gain awareness on the various job roles and opportunities in the aerospace industry. Leading aerospace professionals reflect on their career trajectories and their personal experiences. We host the conference over 5 days in 5 different colleges with 3 speakers.

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