Celebrating 115 years of Flight with Airytails

First of all today we are here having completed 115 years of flight. As a result of “The Wright Flyer” that was a magnificent achievement between two like-minded people – The Wright Brothers.

At Airytails, we were always amazed by this huge accomplishment that was made in the history of mankind. This to us was not only about the Knowledge, Intellect, Persistence, and Success.

For centuries, thousands of people always had a dream of flying up in the sky.

We at Airytails therefore, Decided to host an event named “Building Wright Flyer With Your Loved Ones”. This event is also intended to honor the Wright Brothers and also celebrate the 115 years of flight, Opened to all the age groups.

On the 16th of December 2018. The doors had been opened to the workshop at Ikigai Hub. Aviation enthusiasts of all ages joined us and took part in this amazing opportunity that they have got at Airytails. There were couples, Senior Citizens, Parents along with their children and also Groups of Friends. All of them were received by us with great enthusiasm and as we made them comfortable, We could sense how excited everyone was at the  Airytails workshop.

Beginning of the event…

The event kickstarted with an introduction. That was followed by a nostalgic session of the participants. They were sharing their first-time flight experiences with all of us. As the participants recalled and narrated all their stories, Bursts of excitement, Happiness, and Laughter could be seen among all the participants at Airytails workshop. Some anxious people were also present but even they ended up feeling comfortable as time passed.

Wright Flyer 115 years
Wright Flyer 115 years

The participants shared their stories about flying a Glider. Touring Bangalore in a helicopter. Taking connection flights for business-related work and many more stories kept Airytails staff and the participants engaged.

We exposed the participants to the history of flights and flying. The people involved and started to attempt to build the models after the exposure. We could see the sense of encouragement among all the participants and they all wanted to get their hands on the Airytails building kit.

As we were very enthusiastic we couldn’t wait for a longer time. Hence, We got all the participants to unwrap their Airytails kit and explore them. The instructions were provided and the participants assisted themselves. Therefore, moments of bonding among them, teamwork, making new discoveries, failures and stepping forward to success started to unfold. The assembly of the planes had been started by carefully putting the pieces together one by one with great attention.

Break time…

The models started to take shape and as a result. This inspired the participants to complete the build. Soon the models were built more than half of their complete build and it was time for a break before the final pieces were put in place on the models at Airytails. During the break, A delicious lunch was provided to all the participants and they loved it. Even more, interactions started between them.

They spoke about the huge pleasure that they had to be a part of the Airytails event. Various flight stories that they have been through. And also the fascination that their kids had by the airplanes and so on.

Wright Flyer
Wright Flyer 115 years

Soon after the break ended. The pieces of the model were being assembled and the Airytails staff set up a little surprise for all the enthusiastic participants. And as the participants finally finished building the models. Joy and Satisfaction are seen on the faces of the participants.

We at Airytails were completely overwhelmed. by looking at the result of our efforts towards all the people who came here together to explore, share, collaborate, connect and build together.


We brought the little surprise in the room. It was time to cut a cake. The light blue and white-colored cake represented the blue sky and the clouds with a plane above it. It also had an attractive label of 115 years on top of it. Appreciation was given to all the participants for their participation in the Airytails workshop. We were all very grateful for their presence. And all the participants received their certificates.

Wright Flyer 115 years

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