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Airytails is an organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the aerospace industry and young aspirants. We understand that our students require an overall development from kindling interest in them to enabling them to pursue Aerospace. We educate them through STEM-based programs taught using a hands-on approach. We work with our students to develop their critical thinking, problem-solving, and innovation skills to meet the rapidly rising global demand for STEM graduates.

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Our Story & Mission

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
Leonardo Da Vinci

Such was the beginning of Airytails’ journey. Born out of everlasting love for flying.
Airytails strives to open people’s minds towards a career in aerospace. The world is rapidly emerging, due to this career opportunities are increasing in every segment possible. There is a lack of knowledge and exposure to various fields, increasing peer pressure, and giving insufficient guidance.
Therefore the majority of the career choices being made are engineering or medical science.
Hence, Airytails was established to break these shackles around the aerospace industry and bring more people into it.

Airytails began as a team of individuals, who thrived on their love and passion for flying which was further propelled by their work experience in the industry. They realized that their country was far behind in the aviation industry and as a result of insufficient resources for children to pursue the same, they nurtured Airytails to life – a solution to a need.


We inspire children through age-appropriate activities in our Aero Workshops. Students are taught starting at the age of 4 by indirect instruction method. This would be exciting to them and builds curiosity that makes them deeply engage with the concepts of Aerospace.


Our Aero Curriculum makes our students capable of applying the knowledge they gained in real-world scenarios. Students learn through a hands-on approach which provides them the opportunity to experience what they learn. Moreover, the interactive sessions encourage their active participation.


We enable our students to pursue suitable careers in Aerospace. The industry exposure provided by us through Aero Confer makes them aware regarding various job roles in the industry. It helps them direct their efforts as required to pursue careers of their choice in Aerospace.











Ashwini at TedX SREC-3 Crucial Breakpoints and 1 Big Dream

Listen to our Founder-Ashwini J S, talking about the 3 breakpoints in her life that led to the founding of Airytails. A talk on her journey from inspiration to persistence and beyond; observing and ceasing the signals that lead to life-changing opportunities.

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Airytails Workshop Featured on MetroPlus by The Hindu-#buildittogether

“A great experience!”, rightfully remarked a satisfied participant. Read on to find out how families bonded over building a 2 feet long model of an American stealth attack aircraft-Lockheed Martin F-117 Nighthawk at the BLVD Club in Embassy Boulevard. Airytails as part of its services deliver engaging aeromodelling workshops.

The Wright Flyer Workshop at IISc, Bengaluru

View of the Wright Flyer workshop held for Government School students at Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru during the annual fest Pravega, sponsored by Airbus.

Ashwini on HEN India Live Show – #TakeOffIndia Campaign

An insightful interview revolving around Airytails’ commitment to the country in empowering rural India. Hosted by Ruche from HEN India, our Founder and CEO is seen sharing insightful information on business, strategy, and marketing that paves the way to hosting a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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Airytails at Isha Vidya-Extending Equal Opportunity to Rural Students

Read on to share in the joy of these lovely rural children. Airytails as part of its social initiative, “Take Off India Campaign”, reached out with its curriculum to rural children from Isha Vidya’s schools. We are extremely proud of this feature on Isha Vidya’s blog.


I was not sure should I travel 40kms for four hrs. a session for my son. I took the plunge and traveled. I was glad that I decided to go. My son absolutely loved the session and he is looking forward to the advanced session. Every alternate weekend he will remind me mom did you speak with Ashwini mam. Thanks to the team for an engaging session.

Shallu (Darsh's Mom) | #takethefirststep

My son Avyaan attended the junior pilot workshop and he thoroughly enjoyed it. He never felt bored even little for the entire 3 hours. He was extremely happy with the workshop. Thank you to the entire team for conducting it for kids and making sure they enjoy it with learning.

Aashwija Pradeep (Avyaan's Mom) | #juniorpilot

The Airytails workshop for building the Wright Flyer was great. Coming from an aerospace background, building a model of the first-ever plane ground up was a very satisfying experience. The entire session was planned and executed very professionally by the Airytails team. It was a day well spent.

Madhu ,Engineer, Boeing | #buildittogether

Hi Ashwini! Siddharth just loved the event and he has been with the glider every minute of his free time since Sunday afternoon. He has been painting it based on Disney planes theme. He has been taking flying lessons for me using this one and some paper planes. Thought of thanking you for the same!

Suguna(Siddharth's Mom) | #takethefirststep

Rishabh enjoyed the complete Sunday thoroughly in knowing what it takes to fly an airplane. Though he was just less than 6 years old, the workshop was so kid-friendly that he was on his toes throughout the 4 hrs. of the workshop. Later while flying the model plane, he was right at the front to experience it. Thanks a ton to Ashwini and the team for triggering the interest in airplanes.

Naren (Rishab's Dad) | #takethefirststep



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