The First Flight Experience – An Heartwarming Story by Suraj Kumar

For a person who was once scared of entering an elevator. For a person who as a child, cried on a merry go round and roller-coaster rides. This first flight was never going to be easy.

My beginning….

My friends assured me that it was just the take-off and landing that one feels. The rest of the flight would be like any other mode of travel. However, this was certainly not going to apply on me, As my very first flight journey was from Kolkata to New Orleans with a break at New Delhi, Frankfurt and Chicago. That meant 4 take offs and 4 landings and a total 24 hrs flight. That was too much for my heart to take in.

I waited with bated breathe as the plane slowly rolled towards the runway at Kolkata airport.

I could barely hear the safety announcements, all I could hear was my heart thumping inside my chest. And at this time my evil mind is constantly reminding me of all the plane crashes that I’ve ever heard of or saw in movies.

But even before I could realize the plane was airborne, I sheepishly peeped outside the window and saw myself leaving the world behind.

Soon everything that once seemed so big to me became nothing more the small speck of dust.

Midway in the flight…

Half an hour into the flight my heart had still not calm down, and with every turbulence it resonated with the shaking plane.

And then, I hear the first officer announce that we were flying at 31,000 feet over the city of Patna.

I looked out of the window and from over 31,000 feet high I could see my house. I could see my mother cooking in a small kitchen and at the same time teaching a three year old me.

“A for?” She asked. “Airplane” I replied smilingly. The curious me went on to ask “Ma, what is an airplane”.

She pointed out into the sky and said, “It is like a bus that flies in sky, people travel in them”. “ Have you ever traveled in them” I asked.

She smiled, ”We cannot afford it son, but study hard so that one day when you grow. You will travel in an airplane.”

A turbulence jolted me back to reality. But this time I was not scared, I had realized this was not my first flight. This was flight of a dream that my mother had seen, this was flight of the sacrifices my father made……

My nerves had calm down and I soon slept. 

Happy landings…

My first flight ended on a happy note, and now I am waiting for the first flight experience of my parents.

– Suraj Singh , #firstflight

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