Imaginary Take-off with Airytails – Isha Vidhya, Chittor

At December 12, 2018, Airytails gave a ContestAlert!

Apollo Isha Vidhya Niketan was perplexed about how the young rural school pupils could jot down their first flight stories without having ever really traveled by air. Having known about the little daydreamers, Airytails gave a chance for the rural school pupils to participate in the contest – the rural school pupils could use their imagination to create their own first flight stories. And thus the rural school pupils began their first imaginary take off! Four of them flew to places like Tokyo, Kathmandu, Bengaluru. They soared in their own dreams and landed down with their own imaginary stories. The original make-believe stories of four pupils were submitted successfully on December 17, 2018.

#1 Excerpts from Jayani Sree’s first flight story:

“I flew for the first time by Emirates plane to Tokyo. It was an exciting trip. When I entered the plane, the air-hostess greeted me with a beautiful smile. I got the window seat. After some time, the flight took off, it was a breathtaking moment! In no time, the flight was in the air and I was in cloud nine, I was really flying!”

“Having snacks at home and in school has been quite common in my life, but having snacks in air, ah, that was lovely!”

“I watched movies on the plane, I read books on the plane. I waited eagerly for the landing. The time came for me to see the landing. Ah, I reached Tokyo! My first flight experience was amazing!!”

Imaginary take off with Airytails

#2 Excerpts from Thoshitha’s first flight story:

Imaginary take off with Airytails

“My father took us on a trip to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. We went by air. It was the first time that I had seen an airplane. I was really excited to enter it. I got the window seat which gave me a view of the outside world.”

“The pilot started the engine which gave out a loud roar and began to fly higher and higher. I looked through the window and enjoyed the view of the city. The people looked like dots and the buildings like toys. I was filled with joy and I was thrilled.”

#3 Excerpts from Sameera’s first flight story:

“On January 12th 2017, my parents and I traveled by air for the first time.”

“During take off, I was screaming ‘god please me’, this is scary, what’s happening?”

“The window seat wasn’t helpful as I was able to see the changing angles. All were excited but I was scared.”

“My first flight experience was terrifying but memorable.”

Imaginary take off with Airytails

#4 Excerpts from Yajna Prasanth’s first flight story:

“When I was 9, I had my first flight to Mt. Fuji Yomanashi in Tokyo. It was a 10 day holiday trip.”

“When I was in air, I looked through the window. I felt all the world was under my feet. All the stuff was looking really very small.”

“After 48 hours, we landed in Tokyo and went to Mt. Fuji Yomanashi, my favourite place. I will never forget my first flight that took me to my favourite place in the world.”

Imaginary take off with Airytails

On December 19, 2018, the firstflight contest winners were announced:

Imaginary take off with Airytails

The moment of seeing the Winner Alert! on WhatsApp is unforgettable to all of our four young writers. It was exhilarating to read the Airytails CEO and Founder, Ashwini’s statement on Facebook: “We couldn’t stop ourselves from choosing these 4 kids from Isha Vidhya Chittor as winners for our firstflight contest. I’m sure everyone would agree after reading their amazing imagination for how firstflight would be?”

Giving more:

The applause for our school pupils on Facebook is overwhelming, indeed. Airytails felt to give more to our humble young pupils. For the first time, Airytails collaborated with Sanahi Studio, Bengaluru and made an amazing painting. On February 05, 2019, Airytails visited Apollo Isha Vidhya Niketan – Aragonda to give away the painting and to congratulate the four winners of the firstflight contest. The four pupils were ecstatic to receive the winners certificates from Airytails.

Before leaving our school, Airytails generously gave away the sheets of paper planes to the enthusiastic students and also helped the students make paper planes. Both the Airytails team and Apollo Isha Vidhya Niketan students enjoyed themselves in making the paper planes and flying them the farthest, of course!

The whole school was awed at the enthusiasm of the Airytails – the enthusiasm to kindle the minds of the young pupils to dream to fly!

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